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Recent Games

  1. EOS Blasterz

    Real-time competition to become the greatest EOS hunter! The biggest prize goes to the hunter with the highest kill score! Enjoy intense competition between EOS hunters worldwide!

    Using a blockchain based real-time ranking system, automatic score recording and prize distribution became possible. Challenge now with our cute hunter Chavi!

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  2. Crypto Throne

    The Virtual World for Full-Ecological Users! If you are a game enthusiast, you can experience the satisfaction of asset accumulation;If you are a fan of confrontation games, you can experience 100-member team warfare, alliance strategies, and the thrill of winning the battle and grabbing high dividends;

    The design logic of CryptoThrone focuses on the production, application, and transaction of in-game assets, integrates social contact, multiplayer confrontation, struggle awards, and other gameplay into the entire game, and is a “chain game revolution” based on full-ecological

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